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Sims 4 UI Cheats & Extension (Review) – Download – 2024

The UI cheats extension is a mod that enables you to access and use the cheats with a direct click over the UI as compared to the use of typed-in commands. The Sims 4 game is actually an amazing game based on real-life scenarios.

Here you can do everything that you do in your day-to-day life. One of the best features of playing the game is the Sims 4 Cheat Mod. This cheat mod can be used for decrease or increase any feature on the Sims 4 game.

For instance, one can make friendships last longer as compared to other Sims. You can also use the cheat mod to make playing the game easier and more unique.

How can I install the Sims 4 UI Cheats?

In order to install the Sims 4 UI cheats, you need to extract its zip file & place both its .package file as well as the .ts4script inside the mods folder.

The Script mods are required to be enabled via options menu to be functional. Note that the script mods need to be placed only at best in 1 subfolder level and nothing deeper.

Make sure there is just one script copy with just one package file installed.If you tend to have the older variations of the mod file, make sure you delete the same.

If the cheat window for UI cheats extension actually pop up with nothing happening as you enter a value, this suggests that you installed your package file perfectly but, script file wasn’t installed properly.

Now, if only the money cheat with the left click is the only functional thing, this means that your script file hasn’t been installed correctly.

UI Cheats Extension | Sims 4 UI Cheats - v1.16.2
ui cheats extension

Compatibility with Sims 4 Game

Generally speaking, if you have the older versions of the Sims 4 game, your mod might not be compatible with the same. So, make sure you update your game to the latest and ensure zero conflict in terms of compatibility.

Latest UI Cheats Extension v 1.13.0

The latest change log introduced by the mod makers is the versions v1.13.0 which was released on 20th April. This updated version has been brought along for the Sims 4 game version 1.51.77. If you happen to experience any issues while using the extension, this means that your game requires a quick update.

With the latest updates of UI cheats Sims 4, you get added traits cheat and latest random aspiration. Additionally, the makers have fixed issue that causes the work from home-based assignments to halt the reset process as the new day starts.

Features of the UI Cheats Sims 4

  • Draggable/Clickable needs cheat
  • You can right click on the needs bar in order to set the value between -100 and 100
  • Left click over money counter helps you gain $1000 with the UI cheats Sims 4
  • Right click on money counter helps set the household funds
  • Right click on the Sim in relationship panel in order to set the romance/friendship values starting from -100 all the way to 100
  • Right click over the moodlet in order to remove it
  • Right click over the aspiration goal for immediate fulfilment
  • Right click on the skill bar in order to set the level from 1 all the way to 10
  • Right click over the clock inside the game in order to set the time
  • Right Click on the meter for character value to set it between -100 and 100
  • Right click on the promotion task or WFH assignments to complete the same immediately
  • Right click over the school/work performance bar for a value set from -100 to a 10
  • Right click on the job icon located in a career panel for promotion or demotion of the Sim
  • Right click over the reputation or fame meter located in Simology panel for setting the rank
  • Right click on the aspiration or trait slot in the CAS to acquire traits and aspiration

UI Cheats Extension v1.15.0

  • This UI cheats extension v1.15.0 is the version updated for Sims 4 1.55.105 or the Realm of Magic Patch.
  • This patch extension also added a new advantage to unlocking the cheat for the retail shops, vet clinics, restaurants, vampires, celebrities, as well as spellcasters.

UI Cheats Extension v1.14.2

  • This UI cheat extension was introduced by the makers for the Sims 4 1.55.105 game version also known as the Moschino Stuff Patch. If the gamers experience any issue with career panel in the game, this update can be downloaded.

UI Cheats Extension v1.14.1

  • This patch release has been provided for the Sims 4 game update 1.53.115. This patch fixed an issue that occurred when viewing the pack trailer present in the main menu caused the generation of the lastUIException in background.
  • It also reworked time cheat to ensure that the Sims’ don’t have to drop after time being skipped.

UI Cheats Extension v1.14.0

  • This update was for the game version Sims 4 1.52.100 which is also known as the Island Living Patch.
  • This event also adds in a new goal cheat for the event for aspects such as dates, parties, as well as active careers.
  • This update has also removed the randomly available trait cheat given the fact that EA officially introduced a button for randomization.

UI Cheats Extension v1.13.0

  • If you tend to have issues with your new career as a freelancer, you need to download this particular update.
  • This version comes with newly randomized aspirations as well as traits cheat.
  • This particular update has fixed issues that barred the reset of the Work-From-Home assignments, especially when it’s a start of the new day.

UI Cheats Extension 2024

However, the UI Cheats Extension v1.16.0 isn’t the recent update to the game. There are two more updates that come after this update.

UI Cheats Extension v1.16.1

  • This particular update was released on 16/01/2024.
  • The v1.16.1 update was released for the Sims 4 1.60.54 game version. This version has been designed to suit the Tiny Living Patch.
  • With this update, you can also get access to fixed build modes that had glitches earlier.
  • The v1.16.1 update also fixes issues related to the incorrect display by UI post travelling and displays the cheated career previously as incomplete.

UI Cheats Extension v1.16.2

This update was released on 18/01/2024 to fix the use of aspiration cheat for certain aspirations that used to corrupt the saved data & the game failed to save.

Please keep in mind the fact that updating your latest mod or removing the same won’t save the files that haven’t already corrupted. In case, the file saved by you has already been corrupted, try to revert back to the older save. You can also delete the Sim while using corrupted aspiration.

Sims 4 Cheat Mod

The players of this game can bring up the Sims 4 Cheat Mod by opting for the combination: Control + Shift + C. With the Weerbesu UI cheats extension, you get to make all these cheats the prominent part of a UI as opposed to the need for code to be typed in. You can also get access to 1000 simoleons simply by clicking over the total money of a particular household towards the game menu’s bottom-left side.

You can also change the amount for which the Sims will like one another by opting for the right click option over the relationship bars. This is similar to the way things worked with the Sims 3 game.

Sims 4 Columns

While the generic Sims 4 Columns mod can be used for the addition of several extra mods in this game. This mod can be found under catalogue panel present in the CAS or Create-A-Sim.

This categorizes itself within three different flavours that comprises of 3 columns, 4 columns, as well as 5 columns. However, in one or another way, the users or players need to work along with the cheats to continue the gameplay.

With the Cheat UI for Sims 4 Columns, you can enhance the overall columns number within the game. This particular mod is perfectly compatible with most of the mods present in the game that enables the personalization of the entire game. You can also have more columns if you like.


What does UI mean in Sims 4?

If you are wondering what UI means in Sims 4, the answer is User Interface. This is where the Sims’ portrait and needs are displayed. This mod allows the players to opt for better options for user experience when playing the game. With the UI cheat mod for Sims 4, you can easily cheat your way out to a better user-interface with draggable and clickable mods.

How do you use the UI cheat on Sims 4?

In order to use the UI Cheat on Sims 4, all you need to do is click on the cheat mod directly. With the UI cheat, you do not have to worry about the command typing needs. However, you need to make sure that the UI cheat mods are installed properly in your EA folder for the Sims 4 game.

How do you drag needs on Sims 4?

If you want to drag needs on Sims 4, you need to first determine the needs for being filled up. Open your cheat console, type in the fillmotive command motive_need. Here, you need to replace the word “need” with the actual name of the need. Now, place the Enter option.

Follow this procedure to do so:

  • Hold the shift key when clicking over the Sim
  • Click over Cheat Need… this will result in a pop-up of options
  • Now, click over the Make Happy option

What is disable needs decay Sims 4?

The disable needs decay Sims 4 helps lock in the current need options provided to your sims character. The first thing you need to do is:

  • Shift+Click over the Sim that requires a change to the needs & selects the option “Cheat Need” & “Makes Happy” for improvement of the current mood.
  • In order to lock in the existing needs state, you can select the “Cheat Need” option and click over the “Disable Need Decay”.

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