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17+ Skyrim Multi Marriage & Spouse Mods (Download) 2024 (All Free)

Skyrim, part of the Elder Scrolls: V series, is one of the most loved games because of the intriguing storyline and the features it brings forth.

The reason it has maintained its relevance till today is because of the effort by the modding community, who keep introducing new and unique mods to keep the game refreshing and fascinating.

One such mod is the Skyrim Multi Marriage Mod, which follows the same concept as polygamy and allows the characters in the game to marry more than one person. 

Let’s know more about the various mods available that enable your character to marry multiple times. 

What Is Skyrim Special Edition Multiple Marriage Mod?

If you’re wondering, “do you have multiple marriages in Skyrim?” then the answer’s yes. Marrying more than once is like a side quest for your character in the game, and it also includes features, such as rehouse or spouse dress up, etc.

Apart from these features, there are several rewards and benefits as well that your character can earn. Marrying another avatar benefits the storyline as well because it makes the game more fun, so there’s no harm in choosing one of the modifications we’ll mention in the article further. 

Functions of Skyrim Polygamy Mod

This mod serves two purposes for the players, and they are as follows – 

Marrying Multiple Spouses

When players go ahead with this mod, they can let their character marry multiple people either at the same time or individually. The perk of marrying different people simultaneously is that you only need to perform one ceremony; otherwise, you’d have to be part of different ceremonies.

Those who are marrying someone else after their first marriage would have to go to the Statue of Dudesta, near Mara temple. Once you reach there, add your character’s new spouse to the list. Afterward, they can reactivate this statue and add another name to it. Continue this process till all the spouses are added to the list. 

If the avatars are marrying more than one person, then they must locate the spell books from the temple of Mara, and your avatar must learn and cast those spells onto another person they wish to marry. Your character is required to prepare the NCP operator spell to cast the spell. Once this is done, click on the “instant” option, and they’ll get married. 

Housing the Spouses

After your character marries someone, they must house them as well, and they can do so in any of their homes. Here’s how it works; the player must visit any of their houses and equip the NCP Cast Spell, and the spouse menu will pop up. They can now choose the spouse from the list whom they want to add to that house and also include intractable items for them. 

However, if you want all the spouses to live under the same roof, then you must have a big house to accommodate them all. If you place all of them in a small house, then they’d fight with each other over petty things, and it’d eventually lead the game to crash. Therefore, it’s better to house them in different houses. 

How To Download The Skyrim Multi Marriage Mod On Your Device?

If you want to install this mod, then follow the steps mentioned below. 

  • Go to the Skyrim Nexus website.
  • Now, search for “Skyrim multi marriage mod” in the top right corner.
  • Click on the mod once you locate it.
  • You’ll then find the download option and click on it. 
  • Extract the downloaded mod folder. Now, open the Elder Scrolls: V Skyrim game folder.
  • Add the downloaded folder to this game mod’s subfolder, which is the game folder. 
  • Start the game again.

Getting Married Without the Mod

So, if you don’t want your avatar to marry more than one person, then they can do so without downloading any mods. Here’s how you can do it. 

  • Navigate to the Riften Settlement in the game and search for the temple of Mara. 
  • Your character can contact the priest of the temple regarding the marriage, and he’d attempt to persuade you to buy amulets of Mara to marry multiple wives. 
  • As soon as your spouse or partner agrees to the marriage, you can ask for the ceremony, and you’d have to then wait for 24 hours.
  • They can then decide about housing and all that. 

What Are The Alternative Mods To The Skyrim Multi Marriage Mod?

Here’s a list of some of the best mods that allow your character to marry multiple spouses, so you can download the one you prefer the most. Let’s take a look at them. 

1. To Have and To Hold

To Have and To Hold

If you want to spice things up in the game and want your avatar to have affairs and secrets from their spouse, then this is the mod for you. Since the Dragonborn is always on a quest somewhere or the other, who’s stopping them from having more than one spouse?

In fact, this feature allows the Dragonborn to marry up to 11 NPCs, and like a narcissistic person, they’d even have a book, “Mara’s Tear,” which would contain a list of all their spouses so that they don’t forget them. The player would have control over what their spouse wears; they can divorce them anytime and even add a wedding reception feature apart from the marriage ceremony.

2. Marriage (All) Love

Marriage (All) Love

Once you download this module, every character in the game will become your avatar’s potential love interest. They’ll all secretly love your character, and if your avatar wants, they can marry one of them along with NPCs. Your avatar can choose a male or a female character to marry, but they can only choose one of them at a time to marry. They can’t marry all of them at the same time.

3. Free Marriage Mod

Free Marriage Mod

Marrying in the Elder Scrolls: V Skyrim requires a lot of tasks and processes, such as getting an amulet from the temple of Mara, visiting the statue, and so on. However, this mod would skip all that, and your avatar can move straight to proposing to their partner. It even skips the requirement of a wedding ceremony altogether.

4. Dominions: More Potential Marriage Candidates

Dominions: More Potential Marriage Candidates

If you’ve been playing this game for a long time now, you might have run out of options when it comes to potential marriage candidates. But you have nothing to worry about if you have this modification, which adds 36 different male and female characters, thus, offering your avatar more love interests.

It’d also include some races, such as Khajiit, that are not ideal for romance in the game. This feature does spice things up in the best way possible, though.

5. I’m Glad You’re Here

I’m Glad You’re Here

When it comes to this option, it enables your avatar to share more intimate relationships with the people around them, such as their children, spouses, etc., by giving them a hug. The particular settings would change the interaction in a way that your avatar would be having a heart to heart interaction with their loved ones.

However, this modification would require the SKSE tool and a few optional modules, such as Dynamic Animation Replacer, SkyUI, and Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch.

6. Nocturnal Marriageable Mod

Nocturnal Marriageable Mod

Nocturnal is a beautiful character, and some might even say out of the league of most people; however, your character has a chance to win their heart by installing this multiple marriage console mod.

Not just Nocturnal, it’d increase their chances of finding a good woman for marriage, in general. So nothing’s impossible, not even marrying Nocturnal, but only if you have this modification on your device.

7. “Deithwen” Family Edition Mod

Deithwen Family Edition Mod

After marriage, you might want your avatar to live in a house that is homely and ideal for raising a family. So choose this module to let your character live in a city home in Skyrim’s capital city, Solitude, which features several beds and a cluttered home.

The house would look pretty realistic with a chess board in one corner, shoes lying on the floor, and so much more, making it a cozy place. You’ll fall in love with this house and this mod as well.

8. Marriage Without Amulet of Mara SSE

Marriage Without Amulet of Mara SSE

As I mentioned earlier, to marry several spouses, players need the amulet of Mara to marry; however, it’s no longer a requirement with this option. Characters can marry each other without it and even save money to acquire it.

But don’t confuse this slight change as a change in the entire process of marriage because players would still have to visit Mara’s temple and go ahead with all the other requirements, such as a wedding ceremony.

9. Custom Family Home

Custom Family Home

Once your avatar’s married, their spouse would move into one of the houses they own, which is already built. That’s what the vanilla gameplay features, but with this module, you can make your character’s spouse stay anywhere they want, in a cave, on top of a tree, etc.

In addition, they have the ability to customize what their spouse and children interact with and where they spend their time. Basically, this option opens up a lot of possibilities for you when it comes to housing your spouse.

10. Relationship Dialogue Overhaul

Relationship Dialogue Overhaul

Have you ever noticed that the conversation your avatar and their spouse have is rather dull? Their conversation usually revolves around food, money, etc.

That won’t be the case anymore if you download this much needed feature because it adds over 5000 dialogues that your character and spouse can use to communicate and save their marriage from becoming boring. The detailing in this module is quite impressive.

11. More Gifts for Children

More Gifts for Children

Whenever the player returns home after a long time, they always come back with the same few gifts for their children, such as apples. You now have the option to change that by adding this modification to the game, which increases the gift options by 100, so you can choose a different gift every time.

There’s another version of the same feature, which is the More Realistic Gifts for Children. Firstly, it eliminates the gender restrictions, such as gifting a doll to a girl, and also removes the option of gifting children weapons as well.

12. Hearthfire: Multiple Adoptions

Hearthfire: Multiple Adoptions

Hearthfire enabled players to adopt children in the game, but it also restricted that number to 2. However, this module allows your avatar to adopt up to 6 children, but they do need six beds to accommodate them as well.

Therefore, this mod comes along with a few home mods it’s compatible with as well. So players no longer have to feel bad for adopting only 2 children from the streets of Riften, as they can now take home more orphans than that.

13. RS Children Overhaul Mod

RS Children Overhaul Mod

Children in the game aren’t the most realistic looking ones, and most of the players agree that their appearance can improve.

As a result, this modification brings more realistic features to the children, making them look less creepy. Their clothes, hairstyles, and facial features would all be updated, allowing them to fit in. You no longer have to put up with old and ugly graphics for the NPCs.

Best Non Player Characters to Marry 

There are certain NPCs that are ideal for marrying, and you can consider pairing them up with your avatar; here’s who they are. 

1. Aela


Aela is a huntress and a follower in the Skyrim world and is one of the best spouse options as well. Once your avatar completes all the quests from the Companion’s Guide Storyline, Aela will become their follower, and then it’s up to their charm and behavior if she becomes available as a potential spouse or not. So play your cards right, and you might become the luckiest player out there. 

2. Mjoll


There’s no one better than Mjoll when it comes to being lawful because she condemns every evil action and is vocal about her feelings. As long as your avatar is on the morally right path, she’ll be the best spouse. However, winning her heart is challenging because you’d have to win her trust and show commitment; only then would she be available as a marriageable option to you. 

3. Lydia


Lydia’s loyalty to the Dragonborn is what sets her apart from others. Your character would encounter them right after you save Whiterun from the Dragon attack. Jarl would assign her to you, and she’ll stay committed to you as a housecarl. 

4. Muiri


Muiri might not come in handy as a skilled fighter, but she does offer other benefits to the Dragonborn, such as the player can access her potion shop, which is full of resources. 


Is there a mod to marry multiple people in Skyrim?

Yes, there is a mod to marry several people in the game, which is the Multi Marriage Mod. It allows your character to have more than one spouse.

What mod lets you marry anyone in Skyrim?

The Marry Anyone – Everyone modification allows your avatar to tie the knot with any NPC, regardless of their relationship with them. All you have to do is talk to Maramal, wear the Amulet of Mara and speak to any NPC you wish to marry.

How many can you marry Skyrim?

Players can marry 30 female and 36 male NPCs in the game.

Can you remarry in Skyrim mod?

Yes, remarrying or marrying multiple times is allowed in the Skyrim world. You can kill your spouse and remarry someone else, or you could tie the knot with someone while being married as well.

Is there a divorce mod in Skyrim?

Unfortunately, Skyrim doesn’t believe in divorces; therefore, if you wish to divorce your spouse or marry someone else, then you must kill them.


We hope that the Skyrim Multi Marriage Mods concept is clear to you now and you have made up your mind as to which modification you’d choose or which NPC you would opt for to marry your avatar. This feature adds a fun and intriguing element to the game, making you more engrossed in the storyline and the gameplay.

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