Show Your Love For Eerie Stuffs With Sims 4 Ghosts

Sims 4 Ghosts – How to Become a Ghost in Sims 4 and Embrace the Supernatural (Guide)

In Sims 4, a Sim can become a playable ghost if they die and their ghost remains on the lot. Died ghosts can also be summoned by living sims using certain items or interactions.

If a single ghost is in the household without issue, they can even be restored to a living sim. However, death is always looming over the sims’ lives and it is not uncommon for a sim to die unexpectedly. 

In Sims 4, ghosts are not just a spooky decoration for your household. They can actually do ghost stuff, like haunting other sims, possessing objects and even materialising themselves.

You can also join a ghost or have a ghost join your sims’ household. It’s important to note that you need your playable characters to interact with the ghosts in order for them to become playable characters themselves. 

You can hang out with ghosts and build relationships with them, including the ability to have possible achievements unlocked by doing so. 

Sims 4 Ghost is a fascinating feature of the popular life simulation game that allows players to interact with supernatural beings. 

With created ghosts, players can scare other sims or tell ghosts how to walk through walls. There are a few unique socials that allow players to bond with the ghosts, including playable ones. The way inventory and automatic pathing decides how gravestones are placed and how they cause death is another interesting aspect of this feature. 

Additionally, the automatic pathing decides how walls are placed around gravestones, which adds an extra layer of realism to the game. 

In Sims 4, ghosts are a unique feature that adds an element of mystery and supernatural to the game. Players can become a ghost by dying in the game, and these npc ghosts can linger around their tombstone or haunt the Sims home. 

When a sim dies, their tombstone or urn will be left behind as a reminder of their passing. Players can choose to keep these tombstones on their home lot or release the spirits gone from them. Ghosts can be playable characters, allowing players to control them just like any other sim. 

Show Your Love For Eerie Stuffs With Sims 4 Ghosts

 The ghost character is designed to frighten strange visitors, but at the same time, it can also help in maintaining a positive social interaction with other sims. A good scare can be made when your active sim is visited by a ghost who likes sticks or other household interactions. 

This game allows players to bring the sim back to life, but losing the sim will result in losing the player as well. Players can keep appearances of their home by inviting friendly category ghosts over for a visit. Sims 4 Ghost offers an exciting and thrilling gameplay experience that keeps players entertained for hours on end.

Why Even Try To Make A Ghost Playable?

I mean one might wonder why to play with a dead character right? But, there are certain cases when one might want to make a ghost playable.

Such as, if you were fond of your dead sim and didn’t like the thought that you might not be able to see him again. Having the ghost of your loved sim sticking with you will give you the chance to resurrect them. 

One might just find the idea of having a playable ghost cool and interesting. So, one might try to get a playable ghost.

A ghost must reside in your home for you to get the achievements “Ghostly” and “Ghost Family,” which require you to have a family of eight playable ghosts, respectively, if you’re an achievement hunter.

How To Enjoy Being A Playable Ghost At Sims 4?

How To Enjoy Being A Playable Ghost At Sims 4?

Understanding the concept of playable ghosts in Sims 4 is crucial if you want to become one. Playable ghosts are the deceased Sims who can be controlled by players just like any other living Sim. However, not all ghosts are playable; only those who died of old age or by natural causes can be turned into a playable ghost. 

To turn a dead Sim into a playable ghost, players must first ensure that their urn or tombstone is on the lot. 

Then, they need to click on the urn or tombstone and select “Add to Family.” This will add the ghost to your household, allowing you to control them as if they were a living Sim. Playable ghosts have unique abilities such as floating and teleporting through walls. 

 They also have different needs than living Sims; for example, they don’t need to eat or sleep but instead require regular interaction with other Sims. 

Understanding how playable ghosts work in Sims 4 is essential if you want to experience this unique gameplay feature.To turn a deceased Sim into a playable ghost in Sims 4, you need to have the expansion pack, “The Sims 4: Ghosts.

” Once you have the expansion pack, you can follow these steps: 

  First, ensure that your Sim has died and their urn or gravestone is on your lot. 

Click on the urn or gravestone and select “Release to Netherworld.” Your Sim will then appear as a ghost on your lot. Click on the ghost and select “Add to Family.” 

 The ghost will then become a playable character in your household. You can now customize their appearance and personality traits just like any other Sim. Keep in mind that ghosts have different needs than living Sims, so make sure to take care of their unique needs like “Haunting” and “Scaring.” 

Overall, turning a deceased Sim into a playable ghost adds an interesting twist to gameplay and allows for some unique storytelling opportunities in Sims 4.

Exploring the Special Abilities and Limitations of Playable Ghosts Once you’ve become a playable ghost in Sims 4, it’s important to understand your new abilities and limitations. 

Ghosts have unique traits that set them apart from regular Sims, including the ability to phase through solid objects and scare other Sims. 

One of the major limitations for playable ghosts is their need for social interaction. 

While they can interact with other ghosts without issue, living Sims will often become uncomfortable or even scared in their presence. This can make it difficult to maintain relationships with non-ghost Sims.

However, ghosts also have some special abilities that can be advantageous. For example, they are immune to many negative moodlets that affect living Sims such as hunger or exhaustion. 

They also have a unique ghostly aura that can be used to haunt objects or possess them. Overall, becoming a playable ghost offers a unique gameplay experience with its own set of challenges and advantages. 

Understanding these abilities and limitations will allow you to fully enjoy your new life as a spectral Sim.If you’re looking to create an interesting storyline and gameplay experience with playable ghosts in Sims 4, there are a few tips that can help you along the way.

Can My Sim Get Pregnant From A Ghost?

Can My Sim Get Pregnant From A Ghost?

No, it is not possible for your Sim to get pregnant from a ghost.In Sims 4, materialised ghosts can do everything a living sim can do except for having a physical presence. In Sims 4, there is no option for a ghost to get pregnant, unlike in Sims 3 where it was possible to have a ghost baby. 

However, you can still interact with your own ghost or bring a ghost back to life using the Ambrosia meal. You can also form romantic relationships with ghosts in the game and interact with them just like any other sim. 

In Sims 4, players can add age ghost parents to their game and even create a ghost child. However, the question remains: can a ghost get pregnant in Sims 4? The answer is no.

While players can form romantic relationships with ghosts and interact with them just like any other sim, there is no option for a ghost to become pregnant. If a ghost dies in your house, you can invite them back as a playable character or move their urn/tombstone to the netherworld.

In The Sims 4, ghosts are unable to become pregnant regardless of their age or gender. Couples consisting of ghosts or ghost simulations cannot engage in the “Try for Baby” interaction.

The only methods to obtain a ghost child are either creating one in CAS with ghost parents or by wishing for a child at the wishing well and receiving the “death” result. However, the minimum life stage to become a ghost is a kid since toddlers cannot pass away and turn into ghosts.

Can I Summon A Specific Ghost At Sims 4?

No you can not summon a specific ghost at sims 4.The only way to encounter ghosts is through chance encounters or by targeting specific ghosts using cheats or mods. Ghost sims can go about their business haunting other sims and hang out at their old homes as npc ghosts.  

To haunt a home, players need their playable characters to perform a ritual invoke that brings the ghost to the lot where they can interact with other characters. While it’s not possible to summon ghosts directly, there are ways to increase the likelihood of encountering them on your save file or other lots in the game. 

Players can create their own ghost sim characters by killing off a regular sim and turning them into a ghost using cheats or mods. Overall, while it’s not possible to summon specific ghosts in Sims 4, there are still plenty of opportunities to interact with them throughout the game world.

Haunting Of Ghosts At Sims 4

If you’re looking for a spooky experience in Sims 4, having a haunted house may be just what you need. Ghosts can appear in Sims 4 and haunt living sims, scaring them or even possessing objects. If you have your own ghost, you can also play scary music to increase the eerie atmosphere. 

The haunting doesn’t stop there – ghosts can also visit other households and continue to haunt the living sims there. If a household moves from a residential lot type to another, dead sims can still haunt their old home as long as it remains a residential lot type. 

How To Summon A Ghost At Sims 4?

In Sims 4, players can summon ghosts using the seance table. The table can be found in the build/buy mode under activities and skills.

To summon a ghost, players must draw a seance circle on the floor and invite their living sims to join them. Once they are all seated at the table, players can choose to summon Guidry, a ghost who can guide them through their haunted house. 

One can also make their active sim attain a certain medium level and gain the ability to interact with ghosts more frequently. Positive social interactions with ghosts will increase this ability over time. 

How To Add A Ghost To Your Sim 4 Household?

If you’re looking to add a ghost to your Sims 4 household, there are several ways to do so. One option is to move into a haunted house, where ghosts may already be present.  

To summon a ghost in Sims 4, players must first clear any haunted objects or houses that may be causing paranormal problems. Once the household has been cleared, players can summon the ghost by using the seance table or seance circle. 

How To Add A Ghost To Your Sim 4 Household?

All the players using the seance table must have maxed out their Medium level. The varied interactions that take place at a seance table decides which ghost you will end up summoning.

What Can We Do With Ghosts At Sims 4?

Ghosts have been around since the early days of The Sims and they can bring a whole new level of fun and complexity to your game.

You can make your ghost haunt their former home, possess different characters on the lot and even create an afterlife for them. You also have access to unique abilities that only ghosts can use such as levitation, transforming into a bat, and even creating a portal to the netherworld!

From haunting your housemates to annoying them with pranks, there’s plenty that ghosts can do in Sims 4. So get creative and see what kind of mischief you can make with your Sims 4 ghost!

Few Types Of Ghosts That You Will Possibly Encounter In Sims 4

 Living players can also visit a haunted household to try and summon a ghost. Alternatively, paranormal investigators such as Guidry can be called upon for help.

Guidry is a flirtatious friendly ghost who likes to hang out in houses. Guidry appears at his own time, usually a day after someone moves to a haunted house. Guidry acts as a navigator for the paranormal world. 

Few Types Of Ghosts That You Will Possibly Encounter In Sims 4

In order to summon Guidry without a haunted house your Sim requires a Paranormal Investigator License. The license will allow your Sim to gather Guidry anytime using a seance table.

Paranormal Investigator License

Bonehilda is another skeleton maid ghost you will encounter if you have a Medium level of 3 or higher and have a seance table. She is a helpful ghost who will carry out your household chores free of cost. 

If you are a Paranormal Investigator, you can also use Bonehilda as your bodyguard to keep you safe when you go out for dangerous gigs. She is capable of dealing with ghosts that are volatile in nature.

Apart from these two helpful ghosts, there is Temperance, who hates your pal ghost, Guidry. Temperance tries to make the life of your Sims miserable, and summoning her is not at all easy. Temperance can be seen only under certain circumstances.


Once you have summoned a ghost, they can become a helpful friend and guide to your sims living in the household. It’s important to note that ghosts cannot be added to your home until summoned. Once you have successfully called a spirit, it can be filed in your save file and become a permanent part of your household.

To summon a ghost sim in Sims 4, players must have the expansion pack “Get to Work” and reach level 10 in the ghost hunting skill. Ghosts can be added to the household by using the “Add to Family” option after they have been caught.

This allows players to experience supernatural phenomena and gain specters as part of their sim’s life cycle. However, if a sim dies, it can also become a ghost and continue its life stages.


Can I Perform ‘Woohoo’ With A Ghost At Sims 4?

Yes, a Sim can be involved in a romantic relationship with a ghost. The connection will be unique.

Can I Play As A Ghost At Sims 4?

Yes, you can play as a ghost  by befriending a ghost NPC. After you add a ghost NPC to your household, you can play as them.

Can I Get A Ghost Baby?

No,you can not get a ghost baby.Because ghosts can not reproduce in Sims 4.

Can I Kill My Sim Without Watching Him Die?

 Yes, that is possible through a cheat. You can make your sim die immediately by using- ‘traits.equip_trait {cause of death}’ This cheat will help you to get a playable ghost sim quickly.

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