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How to Adopt Pets in Sims 4 – Cats, Dogs (Guide) – 2024

Are you a pet lover? Do you enjoy playing Sims 4? If the answer to both of these questions is yes, then you’re in luck! The Sims 4 has introduced a new feature that allows you to adopt furry friends and make them a part of your Sims’ family.

Not only do pets add a new level of entertainment to your game, but they also teach your Sims important life skills like responsibility and empathy. 

But, if you’re new to the game or just unsure about how to go about adopting a pet, don’t worry! In this step-by-step guide, we’ll walk you through the process of adopting a furry friend in Sims 4.

From choosing the perfect pet to taking care of all their needs, we’ve got you covered. So, unleash your inner pet lover and get ready to add a new member to your Sims’ family!

Options To Choose From:

The two main animals that dominate the pets world are dogs and cats. Considering the major hype particularly for these two animals Sims 4 allows you to choose your pet to be a canine or a feline creature. 

One will get a variety of breeds among these two types of pets that are available at this game. If you have always been a dog or a cat person but were unable to get one in real life, fulfill your dreams in this virtual world. 

There Are Several Ways Of Acquiring A Cat Or A Puppy On Sims 4-

Sims 4, there are different ways to acquire a pet. You can adopt a stray pet that needs a loving home or buy one from other palyers who are selling their pets. Alternatively, you can bring in a new furry friend by having puppies or kittens with your existing pets. Adding a pet to your household involves putting them in the right place and making sure they have everything they need to thrive. 

 You can even make your sims take on animal-related careers or start breeding pets as a viable side business. Adoption is also an option if you want to make a positive difference in the lives of abandoned animals.  You can choose to create your pet from scratch, selecting their breed and appearance. 

Alternatively, you can breed your own pets in the game by having them mate and give birth to offspring. To do this, you must have a sim of breeding age and the opposite gender in your household. You can then select the “Lie Down With” interaction on one of the sims and choose the “Try for Baby” option. Once your pet is pregnant, you will have the option to name their offspring when they give birth. 

 Adoption is also an option if you want to make a positive difference in the lives of abandoned animals. You can come across an adoption agent who will offer you a selection of pets to choose from. Simply select the adopt option, and the pet will be added to your household. 

Different ways to acquire a pet in Sims 4 are possible, and each one offers unique experiences. When you age your pets, you can see them grow and develop new skills over time. Your inventory at the game has many different items that can help you take care of your pet, such as toys or food. 

Benefits of Having a Pet in Sims 4

Benefits of Having a Pet in Sims 4

Pets in Sims 4 have a lot of benefits. They’re not just cute and cuddly; they also add a new level of entertainment to your game. Here are some of the benefits of having a pet in Sims 4:

1. Companionship

Pets in Sims 4 provide companionship to your characters. They’re always around and ready to play, which makes them great companions for your Sims.

2. Life Skills

Having a pet in Sims 4 teaches your characters essential life skills like responsibility, empathy, and time management. Your Sims will have to care for their pet’s needs, which will help them develop these skills.

3. New Interactions

Pets in Sims 4 have their own set of interactions that your characters can engage in, which adds a new level of entertainment to your game. Your characters can teach their pets tricks, play fetch with them, and even have them perform in front of an audience.

4. Preparing Your Sims Household for a Pet

Before you adopt a pet in Sims 4, you need to prepare your household for their new furry friend. Here are some things you need to consider:

5. Space

Make sure your Sims have enough space for their new pet. Depending on the type of pet you choose, they may need their own room or a specific area in your Sim’s house.

6. Finances

Having a pet in Sims 4 can be expensive. Your cahracters will need to buy food, toys, and other items for their pet. Make sure your Sims have enough money to take care of their new furry friend.

7. Time

Pets in Sims 4 require a lot of time and attention. Your Sims will need to take care of their pet’s needs, so they’ll need to spend time playing with them and taking them for walks.

How To Adopt A Cat Or A Puppy On Sims 4 ?

Follow These Steps:-

  • Go to your sim’s PC.
  • Choose a household 
  • Visit Adopt 
  • To find the option to adopt a dog or a cat, browse the list.

You may also access this using your Sim’s phone. The steps are as follows:-

  • Select the tab having the appearance of a house.
How To Adopt A Cat Or A Puppy On Sims 4 ?
  • Visit ‘Hire a Service.’
Visit 'Hire a Service.'
  • Then choose a dog or a cat to adopt.
Then choose a dog or a cat to adopt.

Finding and Choosing the Perfect Pet for Your Sims

Now that your Sims household is ready for a pet, it’s time to find and choose the perfect furry friend. Here are some things you need to consider:

1. Type of Pet

Sims 4 offers a variety of pets to choose from, including cats, dogs, and even foxes. Each type of pet has its own unique traits and needs, so make sure you choose a pet that fits your Sims’ lifestyle.

2. Breed

Once you’ve chosen the type of pet you want, you need to select the breed. Each breed has unique traits and personalities. Make sure you choose a breed that fits your characters personality.

3. Age

Pets in Sims 4 come in different ages, from puppies and kittens to adult and senior pets. Consider the age of your Sims and their lifestyle when choosing a pet.

Adopting a Pet in Sims 4 – Step-by-Step Guide

Now that you’ve found the perfect pet for your Sims, it’s time to adopt them. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to adopt a pet in Sims 4:

Adopting a Pet in Sims 4
  • Step 1: Find a Pet-

You can find pets for adoption in the “Pets” section of the Sims 4 game menu. Choose the type of pet you want and browse through the available pets.

  • Step 2: Choose a Pet-

Once you’ve found a pet you like, click on the ts picture to learn more about them. Consider their traits, needs, and personality when choosing a pet.

  • Step 3: Adopt a Cat/Dog-

Once you’ve chosen a pet, click the “Adopt” button to adopt them. You’ll need to pay an adoption fee, which varies depending on your pet type.

  • Step 4: Welcome Your New Pet-

Once you’ve adopted your pet, it’ll be added to your Sims’ household. Welcome your new furry friend and start taking care of their needs.

Facing Issues In Finding The Adoption Option?

It is possible that you have not yet downloaded the pet’s expansion pack. Go to your Game Library and then click on the Sims 4 option, then go to More. There you will find the option for expansion packs where you can check whether the expansion pack for pets is downloaded or not; if not, then download it to enjoy time with furry babies.

Are Cats And Dogs The Only Pet We Can Get On Sims 4?

One thing that might shock you is that raccoons and foxes also come with the dogs and cats expansion pack. So, you can have a pet racoon as well as a fox but the plot twist is that raccoons belong to the cats category and a fox is considered in the dog category.

So although they might look like a raccoon or fox they will still be a cat and dog. 

Always dreamt of having your own animal shed?

Yes you can fulfill your dreams at Sims4 and also get your own cows or llamas. All you have to do is to get an animal shed and place it on your lot. To enjoy this feature one must have the ‘ The Sims 4 Cottage Living Expansion Pack.’ 

If you are not into big creatures and want something smaller in size maybe you can consider having chickens? You just need to purchase a coop and place it on your lot to enjoy these feathery social creatures.

As a bonus you can have omelettes from fresh eggs daily.

Have a fascination with making friends from the outside world? Start by blasting off from your planet by getting your own spaceship. Outside your planet you can get your hands on unusual new pets. 

If you like to tame difficult pets then cowplants will be a great choice. This pet is exactly what it sounds like, a carnivorous plant with the head of a cow. A cowplant is not easy to acquire. One can treat a cow plant like any other pets but make sure to not leave it hungry.

Fish, bunnies, rodents, magical creatures and birds can be obtained throughout your journey on Sims 4 too.

Conclusion – The Joy of Having a Virtual Pet in Sims 4

Having a pet in Sims 4 is a great way to add a new level of entertainment to your game. Pets provide companionship, teach essential life skills, and offer new interactions for your Sims to engage in.

Following this step-by-step guide, you quickly adopt a furry friend and make them a part of your Sim’s family. So, unleash your inner pet lover enjoying the joy of having a virtual pet in Sims 4!


Does A Dog Survive More Than A Cat At Sims4?

No, a dog lives a few days less compared to a cat. A dog lives for forty six days and on the other hand a cat lives for fifty-seven.

How Many Pets Can Be Kept At A House?

One can have a maximum number of 7 pets. Only 8 sims can stay at a house so one can not have more than 7 dogs or cats.

What Are The Stages Of Pets In Sims 4?

Pets at Sims are divided into three stages of life i.e puppy or kitten, adult, and elder.

Can Pets Mate By Themselves At Sims 4?

No, it is impossible because they require your command to do it.

How To Get A Pet For Free At Sims 4?

One can adopt a dog/cat to get it for free.

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