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Sims 4 Nails CC & Mods Download (Updated) 2024

Sims 4 nails cc has been on the internet for a long time. Sims 4 custom content creators have been creating these nails mods for a long time. In reality, the solution to a bad day is a mani-pedi fix. Sit in the chair and relax as your feet and nails are cleaned, painted, and buffed.

Your Sims will feel the same. A great mani-pedi improves your Sim’s moodlet significantly. So why not go beyond the regular mani-pedi. Let’s put in some celebrity-like nails.

Nail work can be pretty expensive—glitter, holographic colors, gloss, metallic textures, etc. Your Sims can now get this for free. Sims 4 nails cc will enhance your looks and your style. 

There are a lot of cc available. Each one is unique. 

Best Sims 4 Nails Cc

Sims 4 French Manicure Collection

This nails cc comes with a natural-looking makeup collection as well. However, what interests us more are the nails. If natural is your style, then your Sim better have well-maintained nails.

This cc does just that. There are five different swatches available that will give you long shiny nails. These French nails look stunning with a cocktail dress for an evening gala.

Sims 4 French Manicure Nail Collection

Sims 4 Halloween

The Sims 4 nails cc is created by a new content creator, Kissycyk. For their initial creations, this cc is charming. Get into your Halloween spirit by making your nails a part of it. A combination of black and white, the white ones feature classic Halloween symbols such as spiders, pumpkins, etc.

There are five different swatches available to you. You can find these in the fingernail category of your wardrobe. It is necessary for you to grab the mesh before you download this nail mod, or they will not function properly.

Sims 4 Halloween Nails

All Natural Spa Day Recolor

This cc is a French manicure with extra added touches. You get a black French tip, a stiletto, or a coffin nail style options made available to you. Spa Day is required for this Sims 4 nails cc to run. It works for teens and elders.

There are 17 swatches available, with both glossy and matte swatches available. It is upto your Sim’s preference to choose the perfect style.

All Natural Spa Day Nails Recolor

Sims 4 Academia Recolor

This option is available to both males and females. It works even on toddlers and children. If Academia Aesthetic is what you want your style to be, these cc nails are perfect for you.

You can now match them to your set of academia aesthetics. There are 56 swatches available for each nail version. Long nails with these colors will suit your Sim.

Sims 4 Academia Nails Recolor

Glossy Taco BG Retexture for Sims 4

This Sims 4 nails cc set is a retexture of the base game nails. This makes them look more realistic, and the nail polish looks natural too. It has a thick glossy top coat.

There are 63 color swatches available in three collections. It is available for both teens and elders. It is compatible with both long and short nails. This simple retexture makes these cc options and Sims 4 nail polish look very cool.

Glossy Taco BG Nail Retexture for Sims 4

Vibrant Colors Spa Day Recolor

Julie J brings you the perfect set of vibrant colors. With this unique nail polish cc, your Sims will stand out from the crowd. There are eight bold colors available for your Sim to choose from. Find a good monotone dress to go with one color.

You will pull off the perfect red carpet look with open slippers and similar toenail polish. It is available to all teens and elders.

Vibrant Colors Spa Day Nail Recolor

Sims 4 Toenail Recolors in 7 Palettes

Cosmicamos brings to Sims 4 toenail polish that you will ever need. There are seven different base game palettes to choose from in this nails mod. It is a combination of works by various content creators. In this toenail polish cc, you get toenails in the following palettes:

  • Academia palette
  • Elderberries palette
  • Eezo unnatural
  • Eezo jewels
  • Moot point
  • Amplified palette and
  • Woods florals
Sims 4 Toenail Recolors in 7 Palettes

Sims 4 Manic Solid

Created by Christopher067, these cc have caught a lot of attention. These almond-shaped nails are super posh and are available with various options.

There are 55 colors to choose from, with three shade variants in each color. This cc nail is HQ Mod compatible. They look great and have an excellent matte look.

Sims 4 Manic Solid Nails

Sims 4 Pride

Pride should be celebrated throughout the year. And your Sim now can do that with these pride Sims 4 nails cc. These nails update your Sims look from regular to super chic and beautiful. Created by Nekochan-simmer, there are 14 swatches available.

They mostly feature the pride flag, which is the rainbow. These work on all toddlers and elders. They are suitable for both male and female Sims. This nail mod is a must-have for your wardrobe.

Sims 4 Pride Nails

Sims 4 CC Square

Bobur3 brings to you unique creations for your Sim’s nails. This includes nail art. These are very different from a lot of other Sims 4 nails cc out there. It consists of the word “love” spelled in cursive on the nails, with a rose gold color.

These alpha nails will look amazing on your Sims for a gala dinner. There are 24 colors available for you to choose from this cc.

Sims 4 CC Square Nails

Sims 4 Pride

Here is another super pride set for your nails. This is the ultimate pride nail polish set you would ever need. It features two separate versions, one for masculine and one for feminine Sims. There are 56 swatches available for you. Players can find these in the fingernails category in CAS.

It features almost all pride flags and puts them onto your nails to show support and love. This cc is base game compatible and available for teens and elders. Bellasims, the creator, did a fantastic job creating this nail polish cc.

Sims 4 Pride Nails

Sims 4 Ombre

Why settle for one color when you can get a fabulous mix of two. There are 52 color swatches available for both long and short nails.

It is a fit for all ages and both males and females. This cc is base game compatible. This nail polish cc suits your floral dresses for a date in the garden.

Sims 4 Ombre Nails

Basics Spa Day Recolor

If basic is what your style is, then this is one of the best nails ccs you can get. There are 25 swatches available in gorgeous colors. It is available in both stiletto and coffin-shaped nails.

Your nails and outfits can match perfectly as it uses a maxis match cc by aharris00britney as a reference for its color palette. Spa Day is required, and it works for all teens and elders. Swatches are available in both glossy and matte textures. It is base game compatible and will look phenomenal on your Sims.

Nail Basics Spa Day Nails Recolor

Sims 4 Pastel Collection

This nail pack by Frenchiesim is a collection of pastel nails and pastel makeup. The colors are subtle yet stunning. There are eight color swatches available to choose.

It is for all genders. And the colors complement both the male and the female palettes. The best colors are pink and purple. They suit both long and short nails.

Sims 4 Pastel Nails Collection

Sims 4 Spa Day Recolor

This cc is a simple recolor of the base game nails. However, these are glossier and look posher. There are 55 color swatches available and these are made for female sims only.

They include all plane colors. It is suitable for all teenagers and elders. This nail polish cc is base game compatible. 

Sims 4 Spa Day Nails Recolor

Sims 4 CC Almond

These almond-shaped nails cc will soon become your favorite. They will look outstanding on your Sims. The shape is gorgeous and looks very natural. There are 30 swatches available for you to choose.

It is base game compatible and is available to female sims only. Pair this with the perfect dress; your nails will stand out at your next Sim party. Also, look for jewelry cc to match with them. Accessories enhance the look.

Sims 4 CC Almond Nails

Neutral Mismatched Sims 4 CC

Kissycyk brings you another trendy set of cc nails. The content is very well done. It includes four sets of mismatched nail designs. It cannot get any more abstract or modern than this.

The colors available match all palettes. Each nail has a different design. This abstract element to nails will look amazing with a goth outfit or a mesh top. This nail polish cc will soon become your favorite.

Neutral Mismatched Sims 4 CC Nails

Valentines Sims 4 Cc with Hearts

These Valentine-inspired nails by kissycyk are perfect for a romantic evening. They look amazing on your Sims. With hearts designed over the nails, nothing screams romance better than those hearts.

Apart from hearts, other designs are also available. The most prominent colors are red, white, and pink. There are four mismatched swatches available. It suits both male sims and female sims. It is base game compatible. Check out this Sims 4 nails cc and rope in your Sim partner for a night of romance.

Valentines Sims 4 Nails CC with Hearts

Sims 4 Grafik Cc

Another cc nails set by Frenchiesim. It works for both males, females, and other genders. Teens and elders can use it. It offers you a unique yet elegant design.

There are six designs available. The yellow looks phenomenal in these designs. Spa Day is required for these nails cc to work. The other colors available are pink, white, black, and golden. Make the most of these Sims 4 nails cc and use them in evening dinners.

Sims 4 Grafik Nails Cc

Rainbow Short Recolor

This SIms 4 nail polish cc is a recolor of the base game colors. It features the colors of the rainbow. It has a metallic finish and looks perfect on artistic and adventurous Sims. Match these bright cc nails with colorful dresses for a fabulous look.

To change colors, you simply need to visit the ‘Create a Sim’ panel and click your preferred color. It is as simple as that and will never require acetone to scrub it off again. They pair off perfectly with some cute shorts and an adorable tee.

Rainbow Short Nail Recolor

Wm 201907

These cute adorable nails look fabulous on a Sim. This Sims 4 nail polish cc comes 1it 11 swatches. They are not too long nor too short, the perfect length. It gives your nails an update of gloss and shine. This will be an eyecatcher at any party your Sim attends.

This set has unique colors which look amazing with the perfect hand accessories. These are perfect for informal as well as formal events as they show a certain sophistication. This pack is for you if you wish to be an alpha at the Sims party.

Wm Nails 201907


If nail extensions are too dull for you sometimes, try these cc nails. These give you long claw nails. This gives you fantastic color options to look edgy.

It is perfect for Sims with a bold and posh personality. It is available only for female sims, for all teens and elders. There are 15 swatches available. You can find it in the ring category of the wardrobe.

Dolce Nails

Natural French Manicure

With unique modern decorations, this Sims 4 cc is one of a kind. These look very realistic and natural. In these nails cc, rhinestones are glued to the nails, which feature typical elegant French tips. These are a must to keep in your wardrobe.

These are a definite addition to your wardrobe and outfit to make an unforgettable first impression on your first date. These bright cc nails look spectacular for an evening ball as well. Check these out to look chic and posh.

Natural French Manicure

Romee N21

If you and Sims have an affection for matte nails, then this is the perfect nail mod to have in your wardrobe. Since matte nails are becoming trendy, it is necessary to keep up with this trend.

If you and your Sims are someone who loves to match their nails with their outfit, then you will be happy to know that there are 50 color swatches available in this Sims 4 nail polish cc.

Brought to you by Pralinesims, this satisfies all your daily outfit needs. Now you can find the perfect nail color match for your office outfit and any party or event. For a cohesive look, pair this up with matte lipsticks and eyeshadows. Step outside looking confident and strong.

Romee Nails N21

S-Club WM 201910

The glitter nails must have caught your eye. One can not stop looking at the glittery nails. Your Sims can show them off anywhere. They will make any outfit a feature at any party. Transparent color is also possible.

There are 15 color swatches available for you to choose. With a shimmery dress, these Sims 4 nails cc will be a perfect match. With a short skirt and a simple hairstyle, it will look amazing. Step out of your comfort zone and have a fantastic day in your Sim world.

S-Club WM Nails 201910

S-Club WM 201817 (Christmas)

To get your Sims into the Christmas spirit, why not go all out. Get into the festive mood by downloading these adorable nails cc.

These feature Santa Claus and other nail arts. With the characteristic red and white color, these nails will definitely help you look great at the Christmas party.

Everyone will be talking about how cool your Sim’s nails look. With the perfect Christmas outfit, these will do wonders for your look. You can use this freely for one time in the year. So don’t think too much. Go with style.

S-Club WM Nails 201817 (Christmas Nails)

Zeta N20

If goth and feisty is what you are looking for, this is the perfect Sims 4 nails cc for you. Allow your Sim to explore their inner demons. Reach for the world with your claws, literally. With long stiletto nails, this cc offers you 30 colors to choose from in this cc.

Accessorize these with rings and neck chokers. They will make you appear bold and give you the confidence of a star. Created by Pralinesims, this nails mod is base game compatible.

Zeta Nails N20


If your Sims love to be on top of all fashion trends, get these transparent colorful nails cc. This is bound to capture your Sims’ attention. This is for females only and is available for all teens and elders.

There are 15 swatches available for two styles. You can find these in the ring category of the wardrobe menu. The transparent nails look trendy for a party or even a night out with friends. Pair this up with a colorful top and a skirt, and you are also ready to go to a city fair.

Check out this Sims 4 cc and stay on top of the trend. You can also blog this or become a fashion influencer. Pull off these nails, and nothing can stop you.

Transparent Nails


This custom content gives you precisely what the name suggests, orange nails. For summer, this is the perfect nail art collection. Escape to the beach and get into the beach vibe with these orange nails cc. Nothing says tropical than orange, and these nails mod mirror the orange tropical vibe.

This cc provides you with different styles to explore. Wear a different kind each vacation day to stand out from the crowd. Sip your drinks at the bar, sunbathe on the beach, and gather all the attention of people, and maybe, who knows, these shiny nails might even attract your Sim’s soulmate.

This nail collection has its own thumbnail. This Sims 4 nail polish cc can be found under the rings category in CAS. Enjoy your orange days and relax.

Orange Nails

Aztec 1 & 2

Pinkzombiecupcakes, the creator of this nails mod, brings you not one but two versions of the Aztec nails. They have a fantastic design and an incredible amount of detail.

Extremely colorful, these nails come in two versions, as stated below. The first version provides you with 14 possible variations. Fantasy and tribal designs are the inspiration for these designs.Some nails in this version also feature glitter. Some designs are simple yet very trendy and elegant.

The second version is much more colorful. This version of the cc gives you 18 designs. The textures are unique. They seem very realistic. Some have glitters on them. These nails also take inspiration from tribal designs. Each design is very colorful.

Both versions of the mod go perfectly with any winter outfit. They stand out from the crowd and will give your Sim an identity of their own. Check out all the designs this nail polish cc has to offer.

Aztec Nails 1 & 2


Get long celebrity nails that are dangerously sharp and long. This nail art corresponds directly to the famous influencer Kylie Jenner. So why not let your Sim experience the same life for a day.

It is not always easy to handle these long nails. But when it comes to looks and style, these look amazing. This Sims 4 nails cc looks chic and stunning. There are 17 swatches that are available to you. You can pull off a different Kylie look with various designs and colors each day.

These look perfect with blonde hair and a one-piece. Match your nail polish color to the dress, and the eyes will be on your Sim if they attend the MET Gala. All you need after these cc nails is a million-dollar mansion to live the proper Kylie Jenner lifestyle.

Kylie Nails


If you have a vampire sim, this Sims 4 nails cc is a must-have. These long metallic claw nails complete your Sim’s vampire look. If you merge beauty with fear, this is what you get. You will be the most fashionable Vampire Sim in town.

However, beware of the locals. These ccs might help you get out of dangerous situations. It is perfect for male and female vampire Sims and works on all teens and elders.

Ten swatches are available for your Sim to choose. Red and black scream out vampire and terror on your Sims nails. These look perfect for a goth outfit, even if you are not a vampire. Check out all colors and find the perfect one that fits your terror.

There are a ton of other Sims 4 nails cc out there on the net. You just need to find the perfect one. Some nail mods give you mermaid nails, pearls, diamonds, and many other designs.

Each cc is unique and a must-try. The Sims 4 nail polish colors are striking. People can only wish for such variety in real life. The best thing about the Sims 4 is that these are free. That is what makes them much more attractive. Because who doesn’t love free stuff?

Apart from fingernails, toe nail polish is also available in a few nails cc. Read the descriptions of each nail mod carefully before downloading. Keep your Sims stylish and keep up with the latest nail trends. Explore these cc options and keep your Sims beautiful.

Glass Heart

As you might have guessed by the name of this custom content already, these nails are made from glass and feature a cute little heart at the tip of the nails. They are available in 10 swatches and each one’s prettier than the other.

You can try out the black, green, blue, purple, and so many other colors and match them with your character’s outfit even. These nails are for female avatars only and are compatible with the HQ mods as well. It’ll add a beautiful and cute vibe to your character’s personality, so do download it and color your nails whenever you want.

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