How To Fix The PS5 CE-108255-1 Error

How To Fix PS5 CE-108255-1 Error? [Updated] – 2024

On the PS5, several players are experiencing the CE-108255-1 issue while playing a game. The article might be able to assist you in fixing the mistake if you are currently experiencing the issue.

The problem may prohibit users from being used your console to play the games and is frequently accompanied by a warning which reads, “Something went wrong with this game or application.”

We know why you could be experiencing that issue as well as how to fix this effectively.

Players of the PS5 that experience error number CE-108255-1 may discover when their application frequently crashes or fails to start. Certain players might notice the error code repeatedly throughout all of their games, whereas others may just encounter this in one specific game.

Many of those who try to connect to Sony Interactive Entertainment might experience these errors on Nintendo Network.

It’s just a significant matter which, in some instances, calls for Sony’s involvement in hardware replacement or repair. This article will explain how to fix the PS5 CE-108255-1 error.


What Is Error Code CE-108255-1

What Is Error Code CE-108255-1

Sony Interactive Entertainment created the console for video games known as PlayStation 5 (PS5). The PS5 was originally created to replace the PlayStation 4’s replacement, and ever since its worldwide release on November 12, 2020, it has gained a lot of popularity.

The system has a substantial selection of PS4 and PS5 gaming, which really is wonderful news for fans of computer games.

Comparable to certain other video game consoles, the PS5 may also experience issues, including CE-107857-8, PlayStation 5 not powering on, etc. I’d like to present the PS5 error code CE-108255-1 inside the information that follows.

Sony PlayStation 5 console’s programs and games can encounter the problem CE-108255-1. It can be found in several video games, such as Call of Duty Cold War, Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales, Dirt 5, and others. And the following message is commonly presented in conjunction with this PlayStation error code:

With all of these games or applications, something went awry. [Game title] This error can be fixed by contacting Sony Interactive Entertainment and documenting it.

There may be private information throughout this analysis. Review this [About Error Report] section attentively before choosing [Accept and Report] and submitting the document.

The PS5 error code CE-108255-1 may indeed be brought on by one of a number of things. In order to fix the issue whenever we encounter this issue, you may be required to attempt a few alternatives once at a time. The potential answers are mentioned underneath.

How to fix The PS5 CE-108255-1 error 

CE-108255- There are numerous reasons why one error may occur. Find out whatever options one could try below because you don’t know how to proceed.

Fix #1: Upgrade the game

Checking to make sure that perhaps the game is running the most current edition should be the first thing you should do if you just experience the PS5 CE-108255-1 problem when running a single game. Please see if you installed a new upgrade that allows it to accomplish so.

When you unexpectedly see this problem on the PlayStation 5, upgrading the games may be a quick repair as new games have a tendency to become more unstable.

Fix #2: Update your software

We should maintain the PlayStation 5’s system software upgraded, similar to how the games are, despite the fact that users have such a problem.

Fix #3: Remove the program and restore it

The very first action we might be doing is reload the previously saved location if faulty files or game assets are the primary cause of something like the problem codes.

If that doesn’t help, users might simply wipe the game’s information and install it fresh.

The steps listed below will help you remove the application that’s giving your trouble:

  • Go over to Settings on the PlayStation 5 Main screen by clicking the gear icon on the top right-hand corner of the screen.
  • Choose Storage.
  • Pick a console for storage.
  • Choose your apps and games.
  • Choose the game(s) you want to remove
  • To remove the game, select Delete.
Remove the program and restore it

Fix #4: Verify the game disc is uncontaminated

Make absolutely sure the game’s disc is wiped initially if the problem primarily occurs while running a specific game and you possess the hardcopy, or a game disc, for that too. The disc’s surfaces may have scrapes, fractures, grime, or fingerprints that hinder the system from reading it properly.

Fix #5. Renew the database

Restore databases is indeed a technique that might use to resolve a potential problem with the PS5 program. You’ll really have to boot the PS5 into Standby Mode in order to achieve that.

Rebooting your PS5 in safe mode involves:

  • Pressing the power button down for 3 seconds will turn down the console. While going off, the power display would flash for just a short period of time.
  • When the computer has shut down, click & hold down the power button once more. Seven seconds after pressing the button for the first time, it will sound one beeping, followed by that other 7 seconds later.
  • Click the PS key just on the gamepad after plugging it inside the USB wire.

Fix #6: Adjust the PS5 to its factory default settings

Restoring the PS5’s program parameters to their default positions is yet another way to resolve a systems software bug. One must carry out a PS5 system restoration in order to accomplish this.

Ensure that you have installed the most recent software upgrade after doing a system restore just on the console prior to starting new games.

Fix #7: Get in touch with Sony to get new gear

Sony admits its CE-108255-1 problem code on their support site, but several PS5 users claim that none of their proposed fixes has worked.

One could infer that the PlayStation 5 may well have experienced a catastrophic hardware breakdown if that is the case for you too soon, and all of the solutions we offer throughout this article are functioning.

One must get in touch with Sony to get it replaced or repaired if you would like to deal with the problem once and for all.


The PlayStation 5 is a well-known gaming system. Sadly, a few customers claimed the console had error code CE-108255-1. Are you concerned more by the PS5 console’s error code CE-108255-1? To resolve the issue, attempt the procedures mentioned earlier.


What does PS5 error CE-108255-1 mean?

The PS5 problem CE-108255-1 occurs whenever your game abruptly fails when you are enjoying it as well, as the console forcefully shuts it. Furthermore, obsolete software or file corruption may be to blame for this problem.

Can the PS5 be reset without losing data?

Whenever you reboot PS5 in standby mode, users may Reboot without losing any information.

Why won’t my PS5 let me start the game or application?

It is indeed advisable to reset your console correctly if your PS5 claims it can’t launch the games or applications because it wasn’t correctly closed down.

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